​​​​​​​Think Green, Build Green





“Financially, Speedset is clear and straightforward when calculating my project. Right from the beginning I know what the Set costs are including delivery, construction, dismantling, collection and if necessary, storage costs. I save time and money due to the extremely short construction time in the studio. Since we only hire the SpeedSet, we have no waste disposal costs at the end of the production. In addition, since the system is completely reusable and wood-free, we also contribute to an environmentally greener Film Production!”



“Due to the flexible construction of SpeedSet, I can play through the staging in the set at an early phase checking different perspectives, focal lengths and lighting options and thus determine whether set adjustments are necessary. The short set-conversion time make it possible to try these adjustments very quickly. I don't have to think in advance if any of the set "walls" must be "dismantlable" for longer focal lengths, because each SpeedSet-Element is in fact dismantlable.”








Set Designer:

“Since SpeedSet can be set up much faster, I get the opportunity at a significantly earlier stage to preview my Set-design. In comparison to a conventional wood-built set, the individual elements are easily interchangeable, so I can flexibly make changes such as additional windows or change the room dimensions. This flexibility also makes it quick and easy to construct Swing-Sets."


Studio Location Manager:

“The SpeedSet Elements are wood-free, so the fire load and the risk assessment for the Film-team is no concern. The electrical installation of the system, which is already provided with Test-seals, saves complex and expensive electrical installation. The SpeedSet components arrive at the studio prefabricated, so there is no construction dust or sawdust in the studio which can be very harmful for camera and lighting equipment.”



"Since SpeedSet already has an integrated overhead rigg-system, I can hang my lighting-equipment anywhere in the set without the need for tripods. For external lighting outside the set, I have plenty more space because SpeedSet has no Set-support-battens in my way."