​​​​​​​Think Green, Build Green



We want to establish our system as a cost-effective, fast, flexible and sustainable alternative for temporary set constructions and on-location shoots. Therefore, we offer SpeedSet as a rental system.

SpeedSet's price is comparable to that of conventional wooden set constructions. However, since there are no demolition and disposal costs and various other cost factors that are omitted, the SpeedSet system becomes significantly more cost-effective.


There are also many other financial saving benefits such as that SpeedSet comes with its own integrated electrical installation (no electrician required), overhead truss-system (no clutter from lighting stands inside the set), Magnetic features (light switches, skirting-bords, tiling and more).


The rental costs of your studio location are also reduced because the pre-assembly time for SpeedSet is much faster than that of a conventional wooden set. This also means that less lighting, heating etc is needed in the construction phase and therefore saving you money and at the same time contributing to the being environmentally friendly).

With SpeedSet the “all-in” cost is transparent from the outset. This includes:

- Delivery *

- Assembly **

- Rent ***

- Dismantling ****

- Collection


* (incl. 50 km/30 miles from our next production site, beyond this, we will gladly calculate the extra distance)

** (incl. fixing of our protective wallcovering)

*** (for a time period agreed upon in advance according to a staggered rental fee, the longer you rent the lower it gets. There is no fixed obligation concerning the rental duration, so its no problem if you need the set either longer or less time)

**** (including the disposal of our protective wallpaper)



...its actually quite simple.


1. You may contact us via our contact page, by e-mail or call us and give us the following key information.

- The name and type of production

- The production location

- The rental time period

- The approximate set size


2. If possible,  please send us planning documents such as:

- Floor plans

- Sketches

- Photos / mood pictures

(if you do not have these things yet, a rough indication in square metres or running metres is sufficient for the beginning)


3) On the basis of your information, we will prepare an initial speedy quote for you.


If you are producing a series and need the same set again for a subsequent season, we will of course be happy to store it for you and offer you a discount for reassembly.