​​​​​​​Think Green, Build Green



SpeedSet has been used in numerous series and film productions in recent years. The production “Habibi Baba Boom” by Bantry Bay Productions GmbH (for Disney+) was nominated for the Eisvogel Prize 2024 for using SpeedSet. Following last year's nomination for Constantin Television's Netflix series "Liebes Kind", this is the second year in a row that productions have been nominated for building with SpeedSet. Read more!


Never have we been more affected by the consequences of climate change than we are now. Therefore, never before have we been challenged to develop ideas for resource-saving and sustainability. This does not stop at our industries door either. The concept of "Green-producing" is not new, many departments are already implementing it.


Catering is replacing plastic tableware with glasses and porcelain, implementing more vegetarian and less meat meals. Train journeys instead of flights are now being booked, and more and more energy-efficient technologies are finding their way into many departments. "Green-Consultants" help guide the whole production team how to make these necessary changes. Unfortunately, in some departments there is a lack of real "game-changers".


One of the major areas that has hardly changed since the beginning of film production, is the construction of film sets. These have mostly always been made of wood, and usually has been clear from the outset that most of them will be torn down and disposed of after their temporary use. A destruction of resources at its best. This grievance drove us to look for a better solution, and so we found it.


The term Green Producing is very extensive, it basically includes the following aspects.


• Produce programs and series in an environmentally friendly manner.

• Active, sustainable action in the entire production process chain.

• Conscious, ecological travel by cast and crew, mobility planning and logistics.

• Reduction of high energy consumption devices (e.g. outdated lighting systems).

• Reduce the need for Electrical generators, and when needed, use the cleaner fuel variant.

• Compliance with collective agreements and social standards.

• Environmentally conscious and resource-saving behaviour at film locations, e.g. non-use of disposable cups and plastic cutlery, waste reduction, waste separation.

• Weighing up digital design options vs. real decoration and scenery.

• Use environmentally friendly and reusable materials and techniques in decoration and scene construction.

• When possible, use rechargeable batteries.

• The employment of a Green-Consultant.

• Greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided are compensated for, for example, by investing in a reforestation project.

The list must grow and grow and...